Award best bank 2023 global finance march 2023

KFH Capital awarded “Best Investment Bank” by Global Finance
Al-Marzouq: The award stresses the significance of the company's role in the Islamic finance industry

March 2023

KFH Capital, the investment arm of Kuwait Finance House (KFH) Group, was awarded as “Best Investment Bank in Kuwait” for 2022. The award was granted by Global Finance Group, in recognition of the unmatched significance of the company's role as a preferred investment destination for corporate and retail clients. The Company boasts a whole host of distinctive, diversified investment products and services. Furthermore, the Company exerts relentless efforts towards arranging numerous major transactions in Kuwait and at a regional level, with a particular focus on Sukuk.

Abdulaziz Nasser Al-Marzooq, CEO of KFH Capital, stated in a press release: “Winning this award stresses the leading foothold that KFH Group maintains in the Islamic finance industry and excellence in performance. It comes as a culmination of the Company's efforts to provide the highest level of diversified Islamic financial services in the various business areas, covering multiple activities and services aimed at providing financing instruments for corporate entities and governments via Islamic financial products. The Group further provides investment services to retail clients in a manner that generates optimal returns.” “Awards constitute an incentive for more achievements and success commensurate with the appreciation of Islamic banking at a global level.” He added.

Al-Marzooq stressed that KFH Capital is keenly desirous to apply quality standards, maximum utilization of capabilities, and capitalization on human resources to achieve integrated performance. “The company managed to arrange mega Sukuk transactions, for corporate entities and governments, including sustainability and green Sukuk, which are deemed to constitute a foothold among the areas of paramount importance in the future of Sukuk as a financial product that enjoys substantial demand in the global and regional markets.” He elaborated. “The company has proven its worth in leading transactions for a number of corporate entities and governments around the world, offering funds and other vehicles, thus emphasizing the balanced performance and interest in capitalizing on the advantages of all markets and products in a way that enhances capacity, mitigates risks, and achieves the best financial goals. With professional performance and systematic action that provides competitive edge, the achievements and contributions made by the Company in meeting the investment requirements of clients are Islamic Sharia compliant. These are combined with high efficiency and the added value provided to the market by offering investment instruments, favorable returns and a structure that meets the needs of the market and the expectations of clients.” He continued.

“KFH Capital provides retail and corporate clients with a complete set of investment banking products and services, including but are not limited to, public equity offerings, mergers, acquisitions, privatization, capital market services and products, asset management, financial consulting, discretionary investment portfolios, investment property, investment funds, trading and brokerage services, as well as managing startups.” He explained.

The (Global Finance) Group has selected KFH Capital for this award based on the recommendations of experts and analysts in the Islamic banking sector from around the globe. The assessment was carried out according to a set of financial principles and indicators for the best Islamic transactions during 2022. It should be noted that the New York based “Global Finance” Group was established in 1987, and has a foothold in more than 191 countries around the world. It maintains a long experience in the global financial markets. The magazine, which is issued in its name, is considered a reference in the field of news related to the financial sector, as it addresses topics of interest to corporate finance, joint ventures, capital markets, currencies, banks, and risk management.

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