KFH Capital MMF

The Fund strives to provide attractive investment opportunities for those interested in investing in money market instruments such as bank deposits, high credit quality sukuk, and other money market fund units in Kuwait, GCC, and other countries. The Fund will operate in accordance with the principles and precepts of Islamic Shari’a.

  • 1.09729 KD


  • 4.042 %

    Weekly Annualized Return

  • 4.068 %

    Annualized YTD return

  • 9.729 %

    Return Since Inception

As of November 28, 2023


Fund Type: Public
Fund Structure: Open-Ended
Inception Date: August 2019
Fund Tenor: 15 calendar years (renewable)
Domicile: Kuwait
Nominal Unit Value: 1 unit = 1KD (Subsription/Redemption based on NAV)
Periodic NAV Calculation: Weekly on Tuesday
Subscription/Redemption Cycle: Weekly on Monday
Subscription/Redemption Fee: None
Minimum Subscription: KWD 1,000

Net Asset Value (NAV)

Why KFH Capital MMF?

  • Weekly Subscription & Redemption
  • No Subscription & Redemption Fees
  • Low risk investment

Fund Administration Members

  • Abdullah Sulaiman AlHaddad
  • Khalid Khalil AlShami
  • Mohammad Saqib Ahmed


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