KFH Capital MMF (KWD)

 The fund aims to realize returns on the invested amounts (in a Sharia-compliant manner) through investing in short and medium-term cash instruments, deposits with banks, Islamic sukuk offered by governmental authorities or high-quality companies to ensure high liquidity and low risk. The Fund may also invest in other money market funds with similar investment objectives.

  • 1.12112 KD


  • 3.967 %

    Weekly Annualized Return

  • 4.029 %

    Annualized YTD return

  • 12.112 %

    Return Since Inception

As of June 11, 2024


Fund Type: Public
Fund Structure: Open-Ended
Inception Date: August 2019
Fund Tenor: 15 calendar years (renewable)
Domicile: Kuwait
Nominal Unit Value: 1 unit = 1KD (Subsription/Redemption based on NAV)
Periodic NAV Calculation: Weekly on Tuesday
Subscription/Redemption Cycle: Weekly on Monday
Subscription/Redemption Fee: None
Minimum Subscription: KWD 1,000

Net Asset Value (NAV)

Why KFH Capital MMF?

  • Weekly Subscription & Redemption
  • No Subscription & Redemption Fees
  • Low risk investment

Fund Administration Members

  • Abdullah Sulaiman AlHaddad
  • Khalid Khalil AlShami
  • Mohammad Saqib Ahmed


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