KFH Capital includes US Stock markets in KFH Trade Service

Kuwait 18 October 2021: KFH Capital has included US Stock Markets to “KFH Trade” service in an initiative to provide more investment opportunities to customers through a fast and secured trading platform. KFH Capital has expanded the scope of service to provide new investment fields considering the volume and diversity of the US companies business fields, thus giving customers the opportunity to participate in various sectors and grap their promising opportunities.

Chief Asset Management Officer at KFH Capital Abdullah Essa Al-Ali, said that the e-trading service in US stock markets covers sharia compliant companies and shares only. The addition of global market to the service is considered as a major qualitative development in the trading services “KFH Trade”. The e-trade service in US stock markets comes after the remarkable success achieved in providing the e-trade service in the Kuwait and GCC stock markets. He expressed his trust that the new service shall contribute to the diversification of investment opportunities for customers of “KFH Trade” and grant them the opportunity to trade the shares of companies working in various fields. Also, the service covers part of the significant interest which local market traders have in the US market. He indicated that the number of sharia compliant US companies is very high, thus giving the traders the opportunity to invest in several sectors.

Al-Ali added that the new service shall provide customers with several advantages through “KFH Trade”, namely, trading in several markets through one platform. KFH Trade systems are distinguished for speed, security and easy usage. Customer support is provided through a highly specialized team of dealers through KFH Trade call center 1842000.

Al-Ali mentioned the several advantages which traders enjoys through this service including easy trading through KFH Trade, bank account linked to trading account, trading in several markets through one screen, instant transfer of currencies, viewing several market watch lists on one screen, customer’s ability to create his own favourable watch lists, easy access of orders, portfolio details display, and display of sectors and indics performance in addition to several other advantages.

Customers may subscribe in the service by visiting one of customer service represetnatives at KFH Capital located at Baitak Tower – Floor 32 – or visit the trading corner at KFH branch at Kaifan or website. The customer will be able to open KFH Trade account, bearing in mind that KFH Trade service is available for individuals, establishments and companies.