Venture Capital

KFH Capital’s Venture Capital (VC) unit was established with an aim of supporting the economic development in the region and world. We partner with exceptional entrepreneurs, provide them growth capital and strategic support to build disruptive businesses.
We are committed to build a competitive and fair ecosystem around our Shariah compliant ethics by encouraging ‘founder-friendly’ financing terms.

Unique Value Proposition

We are proud to be one of the few Shariah Compliant Venture Capital investment solutions provider in the world

Strong Track Record

We have a strong track record in executing successful transactions that have resulted in growing our clients revenue and profit.

Global Network

Our strong presence in the Islamic financial markets derived our large base of clientele and an extensive geographical presence across GCC and MENA regions.

We have been engaged in venture capital investments for over a decade through our specialized venture capital firms.

Focus: Technology Investments
in North America

Focus: Early Stage Technology
Investments in the MENA region (GCC)