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KFH Capital Launches 1st REIT Fund Listed on Boursa Kuwait.

By 23/09/2019 November 28th, 2019 No Comments

KFH Capital Launches First REIT Fund to be Listed on Boursa Kuwait.
A capital of KD 100 million to be invested in income-generating real estate

 Al- Marzouq: the goal is to provide an investment tool in the local real estate

Kuwait, September 22, 2019: With a fixed capital of KD 100 million, KFH Capital, the investment arm of Kuwait Finance House Group (KFH), has announced the launch of “KFH Capital Reit Fund”, the first local real estate investment trust. This comes as part of KFH Capital’s efforts to diversify investing opportunities for its customers, offering new tools that generate sustainable yields as well as strengthen the company’s position as the best investment destination in the region.

Chief Executive Officer KFH Capital, Abdulaziz Nasser Al-Marzouq said that by investing in the real estate sectors in Kuwait, the new fund can achieve cash yields for investors in the form of monthly dividends. Going forward, KFH Capital plans to list its units on Boursa Kuwait, which is an added advantage for investors that will raise the level of investment liquidity. He praised the role of Capital Markets Authority and Boursa Kuwait in adopting and supporting the creation of KFH Capital Reit Fund.

Al-Marzouq added that: “The fund invests mainly in income-generating real estate assets in various sectors in Kuwait including the investment, commercial and industrial, sectors. Equipped with professional team with long experience in the local real estate market, the fund can benefit from the advantages and developments of various real estate sectors in the local market.

With KD 10,000 minimum subscription amount and the unit value of KD 1, the fund allows the largest number of investors to benefit from its advantages and expected yields.