Portfolio Management
The portfolio management department aims to provide access to exceptional investment opportunities to its clients in both equity and debt capital markets (Sukuk) globally across all major asset classes to enhance their portfolio performance.
We offer discretionary and non-discretionary portfolio management services in local & GCC markets, facilitate our clients to trade in the regional markets and provide an online platform to view live market updates through KFHtrade.
Our track record of success and customer satisfaction is driven by our highly professional team who specialize in devising rational, research-based portfolio-specific strategies ensuring a balance of risk versus rewards.

Terms and General Conditions for Portfolio Services Contracts

What Sets Us Apart

Every client is important to us

Our work with clients goes beyond managing their portfolios. We support, guide, and consult them throughout their investment journey.

Active Management

We continuously evaluate economic trends and market fluctuation. Our client portfolios are consistently reviewed, assessed and adjusted, if required accordingly to achieve the desired investment goals based on the portfolio strategy.


Risk Management

We devise strategies aimed to reduce risks. Our portfolio management model includes ascertaining our clients’ asset base, identifying their short and long-term objectives, and gauging their investment risk tolerance to ensure their investments are safe.


For more information, we are pleased to answer your inquiries via call on +965 2298 7200 or email at cr@kfhcapital.com.kw