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MMF – 2019

By 22/09/2019 November 25th, 2019 No Comments

The Money Market Fund is a highly liquid product that provides weekly liquidity

KFH Capital Investment Company K.S.C.C. (“KFHC”) is offering to investors shares/units of its money market fund, namely KFH Capital Money Market Fund (KWD) (the “Fund”). The Fund seeks to Provide attractive investment opportunities for those interested in investing in money market instruments such as bank deposits, high credit quality sukuk, and other money market fund units in Kuwait, GCC, and other countries. The Fund will operate in accordance with the principles and precepts of Islamic Shari’a.

The Fund is a highly liquid product that provides weekly liquidity where the majority of the investments are in the form of Bank deposits that are domiciled in the State of Kuwait. Any financial returns achieved by the Fund will be reflected on the Net Asset Value (NAV) of the Fund. The Fund’s Units shall be assessed for Subscription / Redemption by the end of Thursday of each week where the Investment Supervisor shall calculate the NAV of the Fund for that day. One of the key features of the Fund is that there is neither a subscription nor a redemption fee required from investors.