Asset Management
The Asset Management division offers a comprehensive range of specialized products and services to a large local and regional client base.
As one of the leading asset managers in the region, we offer our clients many value-added products and services including equity trading through KFHtrade, commodity trading, investment funds, portfolio management, and market maker services. These products and services are customized as per the needs of individuals and corporate worldwide.
Our asset management expertise, market knowledge, regional connections, experience in providing bespoke solutions and disciplined Shariah competencies, give us the leverage to meet specific investment goals and risk appetite of our clients.
We meet the expectations of our valued clients through our dedicated team of professionals, who deliver products and opportunities, and manage them before, during, and after their investment.
Our vision is to achieve the highest level of client satisfaction by building a longstanding and trust-based relationship with them through a value-added products and services.

The division provides Portfolio Management, Funds Management & Trading Services