Real Estate

KFH Capital manages the real estate assets of Kuwait Finance House. With a wide experience in real estate asset management in all sectors in Kuwait and worldwide, KFH Capital particularly targets those markets that obviously enjoy political stability, an appropriate legislative environment and strong growth rates. KFH Capital owns and manages a number of real estate investments, directly through “real estate development” by acquiring land then proceeding to development and sell it or through investing in income generating properties – residential, commercial and office - or indirectly through real estate funds that own licensed lands, then proceeding to develop such properties most of which are multi-usage assets – residential, hotel, commercial, office – before eventually selling them after completing their development.

The assets managed by KFH Capital include the Endowment Properties Exploitation Fund which seeks to exploit endowed (waqf) properties in the Islamic World, helping poor countries in building residential and commercial compounds and schools in cooperation with the Islamic Development Bank. The construction of such projects is partially financed by the Fund, with good returns, and under Sharia-compliant formulae such as Ijara, Istisnaa and murabaha.

The following are key units within the Real Estate Department at KFH Capital:

RE Investment Management

Development Management

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