Direct Investment

The Direct Investment department in KFHC focuses on investing in growth sectors in the local, regional and international markets. We closely monitor and identify new companies in each sector in which it will potentially be the industry leader. Currently, our investments portfolio consists of companies in the following sectors:


KFH Takaful Insurance Company K.S.C.C. - Kuwait

In 2007, KFHC has established the Takaful Insurance Company with a capital of KD 10 million. KFHC owns an 80% an equity stake in company. The Company provides insurance services in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Shari'a. These services include property insurance, general accident insurance, as well as reinsurance business.  


Muthanna Investment Company LLC, Sultanate of Oman 

To visualize its expansion strategy in both local and regional markets, KFHC established Muthanna Investment Company (Oman) in 2005 with an equity stake of 51%. The company was established to be the investment arm of KFHC in the Sultanate of Oman, which has recently become a destination of major investors in particular for real estate investments.


The Kuwaiti Manager Holding Co.– Kuwait

In 2007, KFH Capital has acquired a 40% stake in the Kuwaiti Manager Holding Company. The company is specialized in project management, commercial contracting and real estate investments.


Al-Salam International Hospital Co.– Kuwait

In 2016, KFHC acquired a 76.1% stake in Al-Salam International Hospital. The company provides healthcare services, trading in medicines and medical devices, establishing, investing and operating health centers, hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, pharmacies, laboratories and medical facilities.


KFH Financial Brokerage Co.– Kuwait

KFH Financial Brokerage Company is a 100% subsidiary of KFHC that provides its clients with brokerage services through a specialized team at any time. KFH Brokerage is one of the companies that is authorized to practice brokerage activities on the Kuwait Stock Exchange by the Capital Market Authority (CMA). The company is one of the licensed companies to trade commodities and assets in local and international markets with a license from the world's largest commodity markets.

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