Custodian & Investment controller


The department offers custodian services by keeping the client’s assets on behalf of clients including maintaining and administrating their assets. The department also carries the following responsibilities:

  • Maintaining custody on the assets that are components of funds
  • Maintaining custody on the client’s assets and capital or other subdivided custodian’s assets on behalf of the client.
  • Completing settlement transactions related to assets under custody
  • Executing the client's instructions through his rights from the assets under custody.

Investment Control

  • The department offers the following investment fund management services:
  • Ensure that the fund manager's compliance to CMA laws and regulations, Articles of Association, and prospectus and any other documents issued by the fund manager.
  • Ensure that the NAV calculation of the fund’s units was within the defined period in the Article of Association.
  • Ensure that the fund manager carries his responsibilities and duties to the benefit of the unit holders in accordance with the Articles of Association and the client’s capital was invested within the limits of the methods and policies identified in the Articles of Association
  • Revealing any transactions involving a conflict of interest.
  • Meeting at least twice a year with the governing body of the Fund to review the Fund's compliance to CMA bylaws and regulations and adherence to the Fund’s prospectus and Articles of Association and any other document issued by the fund manager.
  • Report fund manager’s violations to CMA

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